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World Affairs Councils of America presents:


NATO 2030: 

Strengthening the Alliance to Address New Security Threats


May 17-27, 2021  

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With the next Summit of Allied Leaders set to take place at NATO headquarters in Brussels on June 14, the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) will host a forward-looking online speaker series.  

"As the world changes, NATO will continue to change."

- Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General on NATO 2030

High-level NATO officials and ambassadors from Allied countries will be hosted May 17-27, 2021 by six World Affairs Councils to discuss the following critical topics:

Event and Media Videos

NATO 2030: Harnessing Technology and Innovation


NATO 2030: Strengthening the Alliance to Address New Security Threats

Homepage Agenda


James Appathurai
Ambassador Tomasz Szatkowski
Jessica Cox
Lt. Gen. Scott Kindsvater
Ambassador Sarah MacIntosh
Dr. Bryan Wells
Ambassador David Angell
Camille Grand
David Cattler
Ambassador Spiros Lambridis
David van Weel
Ambassador Baiba Braže
Sky Foerster photo
Dr. Markos Kounalakis
John W. England
Mark Ritchie
Christopher P. Mulder

What is NATO?


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created on 4 April 1949. It was Canada’s first peacetime military alliance. It placed the country in a defensive security arrangement with the United States, Britain, and Western Europe. (The other nine founding nations were France, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Italy.)


During the Cold War, NATO forces provided a frontline deterrence against the Soviet Union and its satellite states. More recently, the organization has pursued global peace and security while asserting its members’ strategic interests in the campaign against Islamic terrorism. As of 2021, there were 30 member countries in NATO.

As the world changes, NATO will continue to change.

- Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General

NATO Headquarters.jfif



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